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Our Menu

Calèche Menu €14
Tomato or egg mayonnaise salad   
Penne bolognese or classic pizza  
House digestif  
Children's Menu €8
Steak hash and fries or ham and cheese pizza  
Ice cream and a surprise  
Fish Menu €22
Fish soup  
Sole fillet and rice  
House digestif  
Corsican Platter €21
Cold cuts and beignets  
Green salad  
Corsican cheese and figs  

Our Salads

Green salad with tomatoes €6
Green salad €3.50
Tomato salad €5.50
Tomato and mozzarella salad €15
Corsican delicatessen platter (with local ham, coppa, lanzu and sausage) €15
Roasted broccoli and crispy leek platter (leeks, broccoli, green salad) €12
Warm goat cheese salad (green salad, hot goat cheese on toast and bacon) €15
Corsican salad (Green salad, local ham, potato, melted Corsican cheese) €15
Fresh salad- Only in season (Green salad, Corsican ham, melon, mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan, olive oil) €15
Caesar Salad (Green salad, chicken, tomato, basil, croutons, egg, pine nuts) €15

Our Savoury Pancakes

Ham and cream cheese €10
Ham, cream cheese and mushroom €11
Crab, cream and cheese €13
Bergère (Roquefort, cream, ham, Gruyère) €13
Salmon, cream and cheese €14
Three Cheese (Roquefort, Gruyère, mozzarella, cream) €13
Countryside (Cream, potato, onions, bacon, cheese) €14
Mozzarella (Cream, tomatoes, mozzarella) €13
Goat cheese (Cream, bacon, goat cheese, honey) €13
Exotic (Cream, Roquefort, banana, pineapple, cheese, ham) €13
Raclette  (Cream, ham, potato, raclette cheese)  €15
Extra egg €1

Our Meat Specialities

Breaded escalope and French fries €22
Escalope in a creamy mushroom sauce and French fries €22
Escalope forestière (cream, bacon, and mushrooms) €23
Breaded escalope in a creamy mushroom sauce and French fries €25
Grilled entrecôte and French fries €22
Rib-eye steak with creamy Roquefort butter and French fries €24
Entrecôte with pepper sauce and French fries €24
Entrecôte forestière (with cream, bacon and mushrooms) €25

Our Pastas

Pasta Carbonara €13
Pasta Bolognese €13
Crab pasta €14
Pasta with Roquefort cheese €13
Seafood pasta €14
Home-made lasagne (served with salad) €14

Our Platters

Kebab platter (salad, kebab, French fries) €14
Cheese platter €7
Sole Fillet €12
Fish soup €14

Our desserts

Fiadone €7
Normandy tart (Apple pie, 1 scoop of vanilla) €7
Mystère (Vanilla ice cream, meringue heart, praline coating) €7
Profiteroles (Choux pastry, ice cream, hot chocolate, whipped cream) €7
Nutella, banana and coconut pizza €7
Nutella tiramisu  €7
Lemon pie €7
Fresh pineapple Chantilly €7

Our Sweet pancakes

Sugar €2.30
Creme Chantilly €4
Dark chocolate, Nutella or milk chocolate €4
Lemon, sugar and butter €4
Grand-Marnier €5
Jam (Apricot, strawberry, redcurrant or orange) €4
Apple compote €4
Normande (Apple compote,  Calvados) €6
Bavella (Vanilla ice cream, grand-marnier, chocolate, whipped cream) €7
Tahiti (Banana, coconut, chocolate, banana-chocolate ice cream, whipped cream) €7
Extra whipped cream €1

Our Ice Creams

2 scoops €4
2 scoops and whipped cream €5
Café Liègeois (Vanilla and coffee ice cream, coffee, whipped cream) €7
Chocolat Liègeois (Chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream) €7
Pêche Melba (peach and vanilla ice cream, peach, whipped cream) €7
Poire Belle-Hélène (Vanilla ice cream, chocolate, pear, whipped cream)  €7
Dame Blanche (Vanilla ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream) €7
Banana Split (Banana, vanilla, banana and strawberry ice cream, chocolate and whipped cream) €7
Colonel (Lemon ice cream, vodka) €7
Coupe Coco (Coconut ice cream, chocolate, whipped cream) €1

Our Flavours

Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Praline, Strawberry, Rum-Raisin, Peanut, Pear,
Peach, Mandarin, Lemon, Coconut, Banana, Nutella

Our Cold Drinks

Syrup (mint, grenadine, lemon, blackcurrant) €1
Fruit juice (orange, apple, pineapple, strawberry, pear, peach) €3
Soda (Coca/Coca Light, Orangina, peach ice tea, Liptonic, Fanta Orange, lemonade) €3
Panache €3
Beer (Kronenbourg, Heineken, Pietra) €3
Draft beer (25cl) €3.25
Draft beer (50cl) €6
Ciders €3.50
Bottled ciders €12
Mineral water, 1/4L €2.50
Mineral water, 1,5L €4
Sparkling water, 1/4L €2.50
Sparkling water, 1L €4

Our Hot Drinks

Coffee €1.50
Chocolate €2.50
Tea €2.50
Coffee milk €2.50

Our Aperitifs

Ricard, Pastis, Casanis €1,70
Martini, Cap Corse, Suze €4
Whisky, Vin d'Orange €4
Muscat, Kir €4

Our Digestifs

Mirto €3.50
Eau de vie €3.50
Cognac €3.50
Cedratine €3.50

Rn 193


09 70 35 72 58